Tomonari Cahal

One of the incoming students to the White Tiger Academy. He got a scholarship due to his exam scores in duelist prep school. Despite his smarts, he's rather timid.


Usual Spots
White Tiger Dorm

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Looking For
Specter monsters and related cards.

Respect: 1
Charisma: 0
Duel History: 6
Duel Luck: 2
Duel Skill: 2

Duel Points: 70

Duel Disks:
Basic Duel Disk- You can compete in sanctioned duels.
White Tiger Academy Duel Disk- You can use Synchro monsters. EQUIPPED

Duel Badges:
Entrance Exam Badge- You can use Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards. EQUIPPED
Future Duelist of Domino Junior Award Badge- You can use Effect mosnters. EQUIPPED
Badge of Study- Duel History +1 EQUIPPED

Plot Cards:
Shaman’s Carbuncle

Duel Record:
Wins: 1
Loses: 3

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Personality: The first, and most obvious, thing about Tomonari upon meeting him, is that he is a rather timid teenager. His speech patterns involve quite a bit of stuttering, which may at times require him speaking some thought at least once more. However, he still tries to make sure his words are audible. It is also a common habit of his to apologize often, even if something was not his own fault, as well as thinking an apology is needed when it is not in general. Due to this, Tomonari’s own confidence is quite low, which makes him quite uncomfortable when speaking to strangers. This factor ties into the difficulty of putting Tomonari and brave in the same sentence. Granted, he won’t become frightened to extremes by something such as a gentle, accidental bump into someone, but other things such as an angry dog chasing him, will.

Although this may tie in with this timid personality, Tomonari is often worried about the things around him. For example, he quite often tends to make a conversation with someone he meets short, and attempts to make an excuse to get out of it. He isn’t a very good liar, however, so these attempts are easy to spot. His worry also tends to cause him to have short OCD moments, meaning a chore such as cleaning dishes may take him ten minutes longer than necessary. These aren’t often though, so it thankfully doesn’t warrant as a significant medical condition. It does tend to follow more into his homework more often though. When it comes to the actual world around him is when his worry acts up more, leading into the timid side of him. Tomonari is rather unsure about things, no matter how much reads up on a subject. When it comes down to it, he’s book smart, not street smart.

Despite these personality traits, he tends to be more polite on a regular basis. He clearly knows how to be respectful of people, and will try his best to make sure he doesn’t talk badly about someone, despite what his innermost thoughts and feelings are. This can be a downside, as if he does not speak what he is feeling, it may cause more trouble than he thinks. At times this can tie into Tomonari being rather responsible, and he makes sure he does things such as being on time for a meeting, cooking something properly, among other things. However, whether or not this involves itself with his actions is somewhat of a different idea, as at times there is still the sense of being unsure about things lingering there.

When it comes down to it though, he does have his own likes and dislikes, some of which can be quite helpful. Granted, some are assuming he opens up to someone about them. One of the top favorites of his is reading, and not just for school study. Tomonari will often come back to a novel after reading it once, especially if he enjoyed it. Mystery and detective based novels are a preferred area of fiction (although it’s a good ratio of hits and misses when it comes to him figuring out the culprit(s)). Despite not looking like the kind of guy who involves himself with sports, baseball seems to be something else he enjoys, assuming he gets the chance to play it. He won’t be talking about things like the latest scoreboard in a professional game and such, but offer him the chance to play for fun, and he’ll be rather tempted to join.

As for a more musical side of him, he generally enjoys music. Granted, he isn’t particularly fond of things such as rap and hip-hop, but orchestrated and rock sorts of genres are among what Tomonari can be caught listening to. Although, don’t expect things like ‘heavy metal’ and ‘death metal’ from him. This has led him to eventually pick up learning to play an acoustic guitar. He’ll often be heard playing it when alone, and when reading at times. It helps that he’s been practicing for a good four years. When it comes down to it though, perhaps nothing will beat his love for cooking. More often than not he can be found being the one to cook family meals and such, no matter if it’s his turn or not. Currently taking electives in high school to do so, Tomonari is planning on becoming a chef later on in life. Oh, and he especially loves lobster, so look out for that.

There are some general things to keep in mind when it comes to dislikes. For one, he isn’t fond of a dirty kitchen. This really has to do with food safety, and he doesn’t want people to get sick from contaminated food. Although swaring is something he tends to hear out of people’s mouths generally, Tomonari doesn’t particularly feel comfortable when around foul words. Following this, he isn’t much of a fighter, so physical fights are something that really makes him uncomfortable being around. However, the big thing that really bothers him is such: Tomonari feels some sort of loose chain in his heart (figuratively), and despite wanting to fix it, he doesn’t know how to fill that gap up. Rather, he isn’t sure what to do exactly with this, it being a lesson he will probably learn with experience.

Of course, he has taken up dueling as well early in his life, although as with his lack of confidence about other things, he’s not sure if he’s that good at it. However, his love of the card game was enough to have him go through duelist schools as well. Somewhat tied along with this, he has taken an interest in shamanism, although Tomonari hasn’t been one to really see if it actually works.

History: Tomonari was born in raised in Brisbane, Australia, his parents being of Aboriginal Australian (Dad’s side) and Japanese (Mom’s side) descent. He’s the third out of four children, but there’s also the fact that his grandfather lived with them. This was partially due to the fact that Tomonari’s father was in the military for more or less the first eight years of his life, and as such, didn’t seem this man often. Growing up was more or less just getting through the day as normal, such as going to school and what not. Most of Tomonari’s current personality was due in part to his own misconceptions about the world around him, which makes a good portion of his faults, well, his own fault. That said, he began taking an interest in Duel Monsters when he was six years old. His other siblings had cards as well, and as such, dueled against each other with them.

However, it wasn’t soon after that Tomonari had started getting weird ‘dreams’. At times when he fell asleep, his mind would be transferred to the Duel Monster Spirit World (Similar to Luna/Ruka from 5D’s, although they do not share any bloodlines. Only their abilities are similar). It was during these times that he met the spirits of what would be his future monster cards, although Tomonari didn’t think about this until later in life. During these moments he explored the Spirit World, mainly with what are known as the monsters Tepid Wallaby and Helper Poltergeist. Granted, the boy was still rather frightened by this world each time, although came out alright in the end. One of the monsters that had an impact of sorts on Tomonari was the monster Bear Chief. This guy was the reason behind Tomonari’s interest in shamanism (despite the fact that Bear Chief was a rather grumpy guy half the time).

Although not famous by any means during his trips to the Duel Monster Spirit World (which happened about once every couple of weeks most of the time), he did gain the trust of a few of the monsters there. But this didn’t help Tomonari much, and things became a little more awkward when his father retired from the military and came home. This was due to the fact that their relationship was nothing more than when talking was necessary. Accepting this fact, and keeping his Spirit World trips a secret, Tomonari just continued to live life each day as he did, having attended a duelist prep school. He was the only one of his siblings that could go, due to limited finances.

Now at the end of his time at the prep school, he took an exam to determine how well he could do if he furthered his education at a higher level academy. Tomonari scored extremely well to the point where he was offered a scholarship to help with finances, if he decided to go to another duelist academy. With a little push from his grandfather, he applied to the White Tiger Academy, and from there… this is where the present time comes in.

Tomonari Cahal

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