Fayzavel Vermillion

"...Feh, may as well."


Age: 23
Long very dark red hair. (Hair is naturally black, becomes red when concentrating).
Wears a mix of armor and robes (all black/grey) and a red and white patterned scarf.
Right arm is full of strange scars.
Uses a deck consisting of dark type Fairies called Fallen Angels. They all resemble the many other characters that reside in the region he now lives in. The deck specializes in power, and being able to travel between dimensions (Banishing).

Usual Spots:

Wanders around.


Absolutely nothing. His cards are precious.

Looking for:

Macro support. (Banish support).



Duel Points: 20
Basic Duel Disk: You can compete in sanctioned duels. EQUIPPED

Duel Record

Wins: 0
Loses: 0

Duel Badges:

Entrance Exam badge- You can use Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards EQUIPPED
Future Duelist of Domino Junior Award Badge- You can use Effect monsters EQUIPPED


Was on vacation when both of his parents died in a plane crash over some strange mountainous area due to a barrier disturbance. Being the only survivor, he searched out the surrounding area for any civilization. Finding a small cottage labeled “Kirisame’s House: Do not touch anything~!” Fayzavel picked up a peculiar looking sword he found in a pile of weapons and antiques behind the house. The sword was an evil demon blade and it immediately took control of his body, not letting him release the sword from his right hand. Sensing the disturbance, Kirisame and the keeper of the massive barrier around the region Hakurei (Rei) managed to defeat him before he did any serious damage, and Rei placed a temporary seal on the blade, so Fayzavel could retain sanity.

Fayzavel spent the next half of a year helping Rei and her followers defeat the youkai that inhabit the region (thus the barrier keeping it hidden from the human world, for the most part anyway). It was then that the temporary seal began to waver, and the demonic power of the sword would not be able to be stopped. In a bit of a hurry, Rei decides to send Fayzavel on a journey to another dimension that she believes may hold the key to destroying the sword and freeing him. But she (Rei) does not tell him that, and shoves him into a dimensional portal as if trying to get rid of him, and that’s how he took it.

Appearing in another world, Fayzavel joins a strange party of explorers, and becomes friends with a charismatic and oddly strong farmer named Samuel, and a double-crossing yet partner in mischief individual who possessed the souls of countless people. This party was able to narrowly save the World Tree after being back-stabbed by one of their own party members, and went on to narrowly survive thwarting the plans of the Red Wyvern. All the while the demonic sword in Fayzavel’s hand breaking through the seal more and more. Near the end of their journey, when everyone was going their own ways, the seal broke, and Fayzavel split into 2 entities; one good and the other an evil incarnate of himself and the power of the sword. The evil half slashes through the air to create a portal, jumping through it and vanishing.

Figuring out quickly how to do the same, Fayzavel uses the power of the “good” version of the blade to jump through dimensions, chasing after wherever his bad half went. It turns out that his evil half had traveled back to his original world, and had murdered Rei and was about to do the same to everyone else. Fayzavel fights his other half and very narrowly wins, destroying the evil version of the blade. He then uses all the power of the good blade to bring Rei back to life, which causes the sword to disintegrate. Fayzavel then lives in the barrier surrounded zone for the next 2 years.

In one of Kirisame’s crazy magical experiments, she accidentally transforms all of the inhabitants of the zone concealed by the barrier into cards… Including herself (But not Fayzavel because he was away). The effect wasn’t supposed to last more than a minute, but for some reason it wont wear off. Fayzavel returns to find everyone transformed into cards, and collects them into a pile. Trying to understand what the cards are and what they do, he forms a deck.

It’s then that he receives a strange challenge letter from someone claiming to be “the most powerful” and “the most smartest ever” pertaining to the cards. In the letter is a map that points to an academy, which Fayzavel then heads towards to see if this person knows anything about the spell that was cast on everyone.

Fayzavel Vermillion

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