A mysterious boy who can only ever be found in the Zone. His outfit seems to be remnants of the White and Black Academy, but just who is he?


Usual Spots

  • The Zone


  • Randomized

Looking For

  • Friendship

Social Link

  • Akayuki Yomi- Old Friends
Duel Record
  • Wins: 0
  • Loses: 0

Will is a mysterious lad who can be found lurking the Zone. He seems to have a strong connection with Errors, and monsters in the Zone will seldom attack him or those he deems a ‘friend’. Despite his state in the barren wasteland known as the Zone, if offered to leave, Will will reject the offer. Will would much rather stay with the monsters for it isn’t fair for them to have to suffer in that terrible place alone.

Will wears this odd item around his neck, and it shines upon contact with a Z-Tracker, could it be a clue to the future state of this growing war between the Z-Trackers, and Z-Savers? Will time after time has said that he enjoys duel monsters, but has never actually played a game. He is in the process of building a deck, and any input or help is greatly appreciated.


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