Akane Sprocket

The best female duelist in the entire Academy, and she owes that to her mechanic father who saved up the money to send her to the Black Turtle Academy.


A small girl who’s appearance may deceive you. Akane looks like the privileged popular girl, but this Black Turtle student is a loner who keeps to herself. She has not made any friends at the academy despite being in her second year and having become the representative for the Black Turtle Academy. She plans to go super hard on the new students this semester, and keep new people from coming to Black Turtle for it would hurt her chances at staying the representative and enjoying the money that comes along with being the best.

Usual Spots

  • Black Turtle Academy
  • Club House and Registration Office


  • Randomized

Interested in

  • Pri Monsters and Support Cards

Duel Record

  • Wins: 25
  • Loses: 15

Social Links

  • Akayuki Yomi- Friend/Possible Crush/Rival
  • Ryuji Taiyou- Friend/Possible Crush/Rival
  • Necro- Friend/Rival
  • Yamato- Friend(Like an older sister)
  • Amaya Mitsune- Friend/Rival
  • Takuya Hakata- Friend
  • Tomonari- Friend
  • Rikku- Annoyance

From the time Shelly was young she has been working with cars and other vehicles. She use to love working on her father’s old Duel Runner, from back in his champion days. Shelly’s father taught her lots about mechanics, as well dueling. Her father’s hands were injured while working on a runner and he has not been able to pay off the hospital bills or get back into working because of his hands. Whether than get help for himself he has given all of his savings to Shelly to go to the Duel Academy so that she can better her dueling skills and win some big name tournaments so that she can earn enough money to help her father get their lives back on track.

Shelly believes in the unity of mechanics, every gear and screw working together to make the machine work. Her deck is very much like that, every card coming together to bring about victory. Her Pri deck is full of great Union monsters who combine their powers to unleash devastating power.

Akane Sprocket

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