Ryuji Taiyou


Ryuji plays to win, and will do anything to assure victory; even if it means using and abusing powerful, but taboo methods. It is not wise to stand in the way of Ryuji or his dragons, for you risk being devoured.

Usual Spots

  • Blue Dragon Dorm


Looking For

  • Beatrix Support

DUEL SKILL: 4/5 on local Duelists

Duel Points: 100
Duel Disks:
  1. Blue Dragon Academy Duel Disk: You can use All Monster Types. EQUIPPED
Duel Record
  • Wins: 100
  • Loses: 6
Duel Badges
  1. Entrance Exam badge- You can use Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards EQUIPPED
  2. Future Duelist of Domino Junior Award Badge- You can use Effect monsters EQUIPPED
  3. Local Duel Club Tournament Badge- You can now build a side deck. +1 Duel Skill(on local) EQUIPPED
  4. R.Z. Academy Tournament II champion- You can use Synchro and Xyz Monsters. +1 Respect

Ryuji Taiyou was never the privledged kid. He did not have the natural talent that his lazy best friend Akayuki had. Ryuji was always working on his deck and trying his best to get better at the game he loved. He cared very much for the game of duel monsters, but no matter how much he loved it he just could not manage to win nearly as much as Akayuki, who was winning tournaments back when Ryuji could not even place in them. Eventually an offer was made to Akayuki to upgrade from their spots in the Red Academy to the Blue Dragon with the elites. Akayuki did not take the offer because it would mean he would have to leave behind his best friend and it wouldn’t be fun if he didn’t have Ryuji to duel with. Ryuji did not understand why Akayuki would pass up the chance to be stronger. Ryuji went to the Blue Dragon chairman and asked if he could have the spot. The chairman said that they wanted Akayuki but would settle for his legendary deck. Ryuji stole Akayuki’s deck in the dead of night, and used it to become a Blue Dragon student. Akayuki never faced his friend for this, and it has been years since Akayuki has entered a tournament, instead allowing Ryuji to take the public eye as most likely to become the next king of games.

Ryuji Taiyou

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