A foreign kid who has been brought to the school on a full ride scholarship for his dueling skills. He is still very young though! Is he really as good as everyone makes him out to be?


One of many students in the White Academy to actually have White hair. Yamato is the lighthearted half Japanese, half American duelist who has been put in the White Tiger Academy based solely on skills and scholarships. He has a great reputation for this is something not even Ryuji or Akayuki are able to due, and have to continuously prove themselves to stay enrolled whereas Yamato just shows up. Even so, this has not gone to Yamato’s head. He owes his success to his love for the game. He doesn’t care for money, or winning for that matter. Yamato just wants to continue to duel strong opponents. Because of this he aims to someday duel Ryuji and Akayuki and feels he may get a chance in an upcoming tournament. He wants to be transferred to Blue Dragon where he can be allowed to expand his dueling pass the barrier of Synchros and show he is ready to become the next King of Games.

Usual Spots

  • White Tiger Dorm
  • Mess Hall
  • Club House


  • Randomized, mostly Macro and Banish support.

Looking For

  • Breaker Support and any cards reminiscent of his heroes, Akayuki and Ryuji.

Social Links

  • Akayuki Yomi- Friend/Rival
  • Ryuji Taiyou- Friend/Rival
  • Akane- Friend/Rival
  • Necro- Friend/Rival
  • Tomonari- Friend
  • Amaya Mitsune- Friend/Possible Crush
  • Fox- Friend/Rival
  • Seto- Wants to be Friends
  • Fayzavel- Wants to be Friends
  • Takuya Hakata- Friend
  • Umi- Wants to be Friends
  • Every other duelist in the school- Friend


Duel Points: 100
Duel Disks:
  1. White Tiger Academy Duel Disk: You can use Synchro Monsters. EQUIPPED
Duel Record
  • Wins: 96
  • Loses: 0
Duel Badges
  1. Entrance Exam badge- You can use Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards EQUIPPED
  2. Future Duelist of Domino Junior Award Badge- You can use Effect monsters EQUIPPED

Yamato did not always like dueling, in fact, he use to hate card games. It wasn’t until one faithful day he was cornered by some thugs looking to steal his money did a man dressed in dark clothing showed up and used a deck of Duel Monsters cards to save his life. He used “Breaker Hound” and Synchro summoning to beat the bad guys. Ever since then Yamato has been obsessed with Breaker monsters, Synchro summoning, and dueling in general. His favorite monster became Breaker Hound, but try as he might he was never able to find a copy of the rare card. Even so, through his searching efforts he was able to track down many a great Breaker card and build his deck. With his deck and the hopes to face great duelist like Akayuki, and Ryuji, as well as reunite with the man in black and the Breaker Hound, Yamato has made himself known to the dueling community as one of the very best. Yamato won’t settle for that though, and will continue to aim as high as his Breaker’s will take him.


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