amaya mitsune

dont know yet i apologize lol


usual spots
white tiger dorm
the abandoned warehouse by lake coldmere

lower tier cards

looking for
love with patrick Fox and her long lost twin.


duel history0
duel luck2
duel skill2

duel points 20

duel disk
basic duel disk. allowed to play sanctioned duels. equipped

duel record

duel badges
entrance exam badge-u can use monster, spells, and trap cards. equipped
future duelist of domino junior award badge- u can use effect monsters. equipped


personality: she is a very shy character. who gets very flustered especially when she sees Patrick Fox.

Bio: Amaya mitsune has been searching for her younger brother since was 12. They were seperated when
a stranger came and paid her parents a wealthy amount of money for both of them. Her brother Ki had overheard them talking about this and actually taking the deal. Since they never had wanted kids and always wanted to be rich. He also could hear the stranger saying that he was looking for kids with special talents and kids who were great at a card game. After hearing this he had ran to his sisters room and told her. Amaya then grabbed her stuff and walked with her brother so they could escape. But the strangers had found them and her brother knocked them down so she could escape. ever since then she has been searching for him.

still needs work i apologize.

amaya mitsune

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