Akayuki Yomi

The Slacker king, or the evil Z-Tracker, or, the savior leader of the Z-Savers?


Usual Spots

  • Red Phoenix Dorm
  • Center Fountain


  • Randomized

Looking For

  • Rotone Monsters and Support Cards(Will pay DP)

DUEL SKILL: 5/6(on local)

Duel Points: 100
Duel Disks:
  1. Red Phoenix Academy Duel Disk: You can use Zoner Monsters. EQUIPPED
  2. Battle City Duel Disk: You can now use Divine Beasts Cards
  3. Genex Duel Disk: You can now use Fusion Monsters
  4. Champion Duel Disk: You can now use all Card Types
  5. Basic Duel Disk: You can compete in sanctioned duels.
Duel Record
  • Wins: 51
  • Loses: 5
Duel Badges
  1. Entrance Exam badge- You can use Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards EQUIPPED
  2. Future Duelist of Domino Junior Award Badge- You can use Effect monsters EQUIPPED
  3. Battle City VIII Champion- You can now use Divine Beasts Cards. +1 Respect
  4. Genex 10th Annual Tournament Champion- You can now use Fusion Cards. +1 Respect
  5. Local Duel Club Tournament Badge- You can now build a side deck. +1 Duel Skill(on local) EQUIPPED
  6. Industrial Illusions Future Prospect Tournament Badge- You can now build other decks. +1 Duel History. EQUIPPED
  7. R.Z. Academy Tournament I champion- You can use Synchro and Xyz Monsters. +1 Respect
  8. R.Z. Academy Tournament II Runner Up- You can use Zoner monsters

Akayuki is the represent of the Red Phoenix Academy, and widely recognized as the best duelist there and one of the best duelist currently in the game. He is said to have been offered a place in the Blue Academy but turned it down after hearing rumors of the Work Load. This is his first year acting as the duel represent for the school, and the principle hopes that Akayuki’s reputation will carry over to these duels and help weed out the weaklings and really win some winning talent for the Red Phoenix.

Akayuki is as laid back as one can get. He sleeps through his classes, sleeps through his duels, and sleeps through his dreams. He doesn’t have many aspirations other than to find more time to sleep. He will occasionally pep up at the sight of food or a cute girl, but other than that he will rarely give anything his 100 percent. The only time he will truly try is when someone he cares about is in danger, but it is really hard to tell when Akayuki cars about you when he can’t even keep his eyes open during a conversation.

Akayuki Yomi

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