• Akane Sprocket

    Akane Sprocket

    The best female duelist in the entire Academy, and she owes that to her mechanic father who saved up the money to send her to the Black Turtle Academy.
  • Derek and Celine

    Derek and Celine

    2 Red Pheonix drop outs who are looking to redeem themselves by beating the new students and get themselves enrolled in a better Academy.
  • Hikari


    Holder of the Yellow D-Pod. The Healing Z-Tracker
  • Will


    A mysterious boy who can only ever be found in the Zone. His outfit seems to be remnants of the White and Black Academy, but just who is he?
  • Yamato


    A foreign kid who has been brought to the school on a full ride scholarship for his dueling skills. He is still very young though! Is he really as good as everyone makes him out to be?