Get in the Zone!

Many years have passed and many things have changed, but one constant has remained and that is the world’s love for a children’s card game. Duel Monsters is as popular as ever and that in part is do to the competition that exist between the four Duelist Academies. Four academies exist to condition the next great duelists and maybe even the new king of games themselves. The four academies go as follows:
Red Phoenix Academy- The cheapest, and easiest school to get into. The duelist are taught the newest addition to the game, Zoning.

Black Turtle Academy- Considered the perfect school for the middle class as their doors as always open. They train hard with their students to master XYZ summoning.

White Tiger Academy- A bit on the expensive end, but what can you expect from a school that breathes talent? Some of the best Synchro duelist attend this school.

Blue Dragon Academy- The top school, only the best of the best can go here. Money is not an question when entering the doors of this prestigious school which has no focus other than conditioning great duelist.

It is time for a new school year to begin, and like every year new duelist are arriving at the academy with their decks ready to show if they have what it takes to study with the big boys. This is where your story begins. You and a group of friends, or strangers poise yourselves against representatives from the four big schools and are ready to use your deck to show why you should be accepted into their rankings. This is where the story begins. From there expect great fun like school wide tournaments, new cards, and a threat right up there with other great dueling villains like Marik, Dartz, and Satorious! Unlock the secrets of the mysterious “R” Zone. What can it be, and what power is hidden within it? Time to find out!

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